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Most Significant Change – Easy Read

by Lorna Easterbrook


Most Significant Change is also called ‘MSC’.


MSC means finding out about things changing. The change might be:

  • A different sort of support

  • Taking part in something new to you

  • Moving to a new place.


MSC asks people to share their stories about what has changed for them:

  • What was it like for you, before?

  • What’s it like now?

  • Which change stands out most, for you? Why is that?


Anyone can be asked to tell their story of change:

  • People who take part

  • People who are paid

  • People who volunteer

  • People in charge.


You can tell your story in lots of ways. Here are some:

  • Speaking to someone

  • Writing it down

  • Drawing a picture to show what the change means to you.


Your name and your address is always kept private.


After stories have been told, another group of people meet to talk about the stories:

  • It could be staff talking about stories of people who take part

  • It could be people who take part talking about staff’s stories

  • Or it could be another mix of people and stories.


They talk about which story stands out most for them, and why that is.


It’s not about picking the ‘best’ story. It’s not a competition. It’s finding the story that everyone reading or seeing it agrees says something important to them.


MSC works best when you have a small number of stories – and a small group to discuss them.

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